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Two Arkansas cities order medical-marijuana moratoriums; temporary bans raise legal questions

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Two Arkansas cities have imposed months-long bans on medical-marijuana facilities, a test of local control as prospective growers and sellers prepare to vie for state licenses beginning June 30.

Siloam Springs’ Board of Directors on Tuesday adopted a 180-day moratorium on medical-pot businesses with a unanimous vote that came two weeks after Hot Springs city directors passed a similarly worded 90-day ban.

The cities’ decisions to not offer local business licenses to dispensaries and cultivation facilities could reverberate for longer than their bans because potential businesses have just 90 days to apply for a limited number of state licenses. Siloam Springs’ moratorium would extend well beyond the state’s Sept. 18 deadline to submit applications.

“That really takes that whole city out of contention, doesn’t it,” Storm Nolan, co-founder of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association, said of the Northwest Arkansas border city.