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Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 2017-08-04.

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 2018-06-22. See chart.

Right now is an exciting time for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Arkansas. The application period for dispensaries and cultivation facilities ended on September 18th, 2017. The 95 cultivation facility and 227 dispensary applications are currently in the hands of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission, and the successful licensees have not been awarded yet.

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Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A VERDICT!

The Arkansas Supreme Court's decision... Reversed and lawsuit dismissed! As soon as more information and official documents are released, we’ll post them here.

We would like to thank all of you for sticking with us through all of this, as we know it's been a long process. As for what’s next for the industry, we don’t have a timeline yet, but invite you to our event on July 14 for more information, networking and a victory celebration! You can find a link to it by looking at our events section.

Thanks again, Arkansas!
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So....whats that mean for those of us farmers that want to particopate?

So does that mean that all of the applications have to be rescored and we have to start all over?

So what’s that mean for the patient....I suppose we will have to pay for high priced weed from the state created monopolies rather than save 100s of dollars a month growing our own

Alright, sweet! Let's get thru the next round of lawsuits quick, quick, quick!!

What Courtney Boze said!! ☝️☝️

Arkansas needs cannabis now!

Seth Lee....

Is it normal for this to take so long?? It's been 2 years already.. And.. Nothing but words so far.. My grandma was slow but she had a excuse.. She was old.. Come on ACA lets get something going already.. My card will expire before I ever get to use it...

Kathy Russell

Sydney Hayes yay yay yay!!

#PatientsBeforePolitics #GreatNews

So does this mean the original applicants retain their awarding of cultivation licenses? If so, this program is screwed, knowing Big Pharma is involved.



Makes me so happy!!!

now waiting on the same foolishness over the dispensaries to be announced...TO BE CONTINUED...

Kelly Stone

If this is true then its a very sad day for Arkansas. Those applications were not graded fairly and this means that the same crooks will remain on the mm commission. A sad day indeed. I seriously doubt this issue is settled.

How can the Supreme Court say they didn't have jurisdiction? The MMC laws said you are suppose to appeal to Circuit Court if you feel you should have been issued a license. The people filing lawsuits against the state didn't take it to the Supreme Court the AG did. 19. Appellate Procedure following Denial of Application for License, Renewal, Transfer of License, or Location. a. Denial of Application for License i. If the commission denies an application for a cultivation license, the commission’s decision may be appealed to the circuit court of the county in which the cultivation facility is situated or the Pulaski County Circuit Court. Appeals shall be governed by the terms of the Arkansas Administrative Procedure Act, §25-15201, et seq. This was only in the Supreme Court bc that is where the state wanted it.

I find it hard to believe that the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association is happy about the fact that the cultivation permits for our mm program are being issued under a cloud of impropriety. Shouldn't your organization be in support of a fair and balanced system for choosing who receives these limited and very lucrative permits? Do you not feel that a program thats built on such a tainted process will breed corruption which could ultimately do more harm than good?

Glad to hear that the delay is over but not happy that they will be allowing this corruption to continue!

We just need to just get recreational use and grow your own with no restrictions on the ballot and get it passed then to hell with this law!

What they did was rule the court of jurisdiction was incorrect. Now it will be refilled and start over again

It's all BS

Looks like Arkansas might get Rec* ok'd before they get medical on the store shelves...

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