Arkansas Medical Cannabis Patient Counter:

Patient Counter

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 2017-08-04.

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 10/12/2018. See chart.

Right now is an exciting time for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Arkansas. The five cultivation licenses were ratified on 10 July, 2018. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is sending out the dispensary applications to a third party for evaluation. Those licenses are expected to be issued closer to the end of 2018.

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Live stream of 10/16/18 MMC meeting ... See MoreSee Less


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They should not have allowed the sale of the cultivation company by new owner a new license should have been issued out of the q. The new owner was not the one who won the licenses

what we need is to fine out when there going to let the people talk and have about 3000 of us show up

Whole lota nada

If everyone who voted for this in 2016 comes out and votes blue in the midterms, we might actually see implementation in our future. These current lawmakers are doing everything they can to prevent it from becoming a reality. They could care less what the people want. Vote them out!!!

Arkansas mmc why no KY patients when you repeatedly hurt us

Don’t waste our time

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Tuesday 10/16 MMC meeting / 3rd party consultant kickoff agenda

Tuesday 10/16 MMC meeting / 3rd party consultant kickoff agenda ... See MoreSee Less


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Is this open to the public?

I’ve moved on... Arkansas blew it

Point I. Drag feet unprofessionally 🙄

Isn’t anyone questioning the fact that this group has been working with AR since 2012 and came in just under the $100k mark so it didn’t have to go to legislative approval? When the other bid was $300k?? Ohhhhh yeah nobody has considered that.....🙄 #morecorruption

Yay they want to lie to us some more and postpone some more

What.... sale of a company already.... uhhhh, no.... sounds like a great way for an investor to come in and swoop up the company after they went through the process. With out the new owners having to go through the evil process... Nope, get in line and call #6 and give it to them.

Cody Smith

Am I correct in understanding that barring any more legal challenges, the dispensaries will be selected within 30 days from tomorrow, as long as the MMC approves their selections?

This should have happened already and they should have already been done with the applications. We need our meds and we need them now. Patients are dying waiting and drs are continuing to reduce and take away patients pain meds. This is not right or fair. Many of us have had our approval letters since the program began

I saw the one on cultivating changes hopefully that doesn't affect any potential for organic farming, i suppose conventional is okay but if its going to be gmo crop, forget it!

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Patient count as of 10/12!

Patient count as of 10/12! ... See MoreSee Less


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Some of us waiting for crops to grow and buildings to come before getting a year if we lucky

Don't do us any favors!

The question is...when are they ACTUALLY going to get their medicine?

2.07 patients per 1k, still a long way to go to support 5 cultivators and 34 dispensaries.

Yet we’re still waiting

What about patients able to go somewhere and get meds legally what is that count please where the hell is the medicine get counts all day where are the docs the pharmacy and the local arkansas based growers to provide

And why this crazy gun ban for card holders..and hm..I don't know which medical sickness best fist

Arkansas has received from patients only a amount of $321,050.00 that's just the 50.00 fees

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