Arkansas Medical Cannabis Patient Counter:

Patient Counter

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 2017-08-04.

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 11/2/2018. See chart.

Right now is an exciting time for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Arkansas. The five cultivation licenses were ratified on 10 July, 2018. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is sending out the dispensary applications to a third party for evaluation. Those licenses are expected to be issued closer to the end of 2018.

Upcoming events:


The latest:

Patient count as of May 17, 2019 via the Arkansas Department of Health.

Patient count as of May 17, 2019 via the Arkansas Department of Health. ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you Ar for recognition of the patients!!! Wish Tn was as advanced with our Department of Health!

Only 1,182 cards process, so how many actually went to the dispesery.. Not me

Yeah I've been one of those in process since I mailed it at the very beginning of March!!!!!! Today I called and they said they would get it done when they got around to it.😤 I'm fuming right now.

How long does the processing take?

Only thing I can say Arkansas. Going to have to do better than what they our. Their not cutting it they need to let us grow. When we get to much we can sale back to the dispensaries. We can all come out clear by helping each other.

now if we could just make it legal in 2020 and put and end to all the B S get out there and vote take a friend

My card is useless , can't afford it and no dispensary near me😥

Only southern Arkansas is getting the benefits so it doesn't matter.

I won't be a card holder. This state is a joke.

Why don't every one whine. We have come so far in this state. I don't have a medical card but if I did. I wouldn't be talking trash.


The company O-Pen needs to be here along with Mary's Medicinal.


Be careful going back to Texas. Lots of road blocks on the east side, going south.

When is mt. View opening

If Arkansas wants to see anything like Oklahoma numbers and allow ALL patients access to natural medicine open the rest of the dispensary’s let them grow and let patients grow.

They stretching the hell out of that 200 pounds

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1 week ago

Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association

Here Come the Concentrates
Arkansas News- Bold Team cultivators announced their plan for cannabis concentrates and edibles which may be available at the two open Hot Springs dispensaries around the end of the month. Concentrates are said to be strain specific and include the ubiquitous "vape cartridges"; wax, shatter and sauce forms of "dabs", distillate syringes and the very interesting live resin concentrates which preserve terpenes often lost in typical concentrate processes. Oral cannabis preparations (edibles) will include "gummies" in 5mg THC or 5mg THC/5mg CBD versions. Topical salves are also said to be in production.
Updates and test results when available.
Natural State Medicinals is expected to be delivering their first harvest of cannabis flower in the next week or two. I will update as their information becomes available.
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Some of those cartridges aren't the right color, either someone is cooking them to hot or using the wrong solution with them...

One cookie will cost $5,000 lol

5mg gummies? That’s less than Colorado recreational amount and not a therapeutic medical dose! Most people would need 10 of those for a therapeutic effect 🙄

So many seeds in their product it's a joke.

That looks amazing! Russellville voted no on the special-use permit for our dispensary. Guess I'll just keep filling my meds at CVS until further notice?

We need strong doses not some 5 need to be over 50

Wonder are some of the brands soled there. The company names. Other than the outlet itself

Save those seeds!

Vapessss!!!! Zachary Shaw

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