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Here’s What You Need To Know To Work In An Arkansas Dispensary

In preparation for the upcoming dispensary agent training seminar, we’ve pieced together the key rules and regulations you need to know to work in an Arkansas medical cannabis dispensary or cultivation facility.

Key information:

  • You DO NOT need to be an Arkansas resident
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must not have been convicted of an excluded felony offense
  • Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABCD) will review court records
  • Sealed or pardoned offenses don’t count
  • Violation of state or federal controlled substance law that was classified as a felony in the jurisdiction where convicted. (10 years or longer is OK)
  • Must not have a registry identification card revoked in the previous five years
  • Have to register with the ABC to obtain a Registry Identification Card
  • Must cooperate with the ABC for inspections
  • You will have access to silent alarms
  • You have to wear your state registration card or keep it accessible at all times

Personal info and forms required:

  • Legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Current employment info and intended position
  • Criminal history information
  • Completed Notice of Intent to Hire form from the license holder
  • Notarized Authority to Release Information form
  • Arkansas State Police background check
  • Fingerprints for an FBI background check
  • Agency Privacy Requirements for Noncriminal Justice Applicants
  • Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights form

$100 Registration Fee:

$50 – half on application and half on approval. Cards not sent until both background check results received and entire $50 received

Hiring process:

  • Cultivation facility completes a Notice of Intent to Hire form
  • No work allowed until your registry identification card is sent from the ABC
  • You can work at multiple facilities, but you will need separate cards

Records kept for ABCD:

  • Name
  • Detailed job description
  • Training records
  • Days worked and time off
  • Disciplinary action and causes
  • Dispensary agent
  • Includes anyone working at a dispensary

Role in selling medical cannabis:

  • Verify the identity of the patient
  • Verify the validity of their medical cannabis card
  • Enter the patient’s registry identification number into the inventory tracking system
  • Verify they are current with the ADH
  • Verify they’re not obtaining more than 2.5 oz. in a fourteen-day period
  • Enter the purchase info into the Inventory Tracking System
  • If you deliver, you must have a valid driver’s license

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