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Americans for Safe Access: The Medical Cannabis Briefing Book

Americans for Safe Access has given the ACIA permission to publish their Medical Cannabis in America – The Medical Cannabis Briefing Book, 115th Congress.

This is a very good primer on medical cannabis and the state of medical cannabis programs across the country.

Major sections include:

  1. Cannabis Therapeutics: The Basics
  2. Laboratories of Democracy: Overview of State Medical Cannabis Programs
  3. Impact of the State-Federal Conflict: What’s At Stake
  4. Ending the Federal Conflict: A Functional Plan
  5. A Call to the 115th Congress and 45th POTUS

Medical Cannabis Programs serve approximately two million patients under physician supervision. The purpose of this briefing book is to provide members of congress and POTUS the necessary information to make well-informed decisions.

Download the full briefing book here.