Arkansas Medical Cannabis Patient Counter:

Patient Counter

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 2017-08-04.

Source: Arkansas Department of Health, as of 11/2/2018. See chart.

Right now is an exciting time for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Arkansas. The five cultivation licenses were ratified on 10 July, 2018. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is sending out the dispensary applications to a third party for evaluation. Those licenses are expected to be issued closer to the end of 2018.

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Todays MMC meeting agenda

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Get the ball rolling we are way behind

This is by far the most uneducated group of individuals running this circus how about you just legalize it all the way and stop with the beuracratic nonsense.

So basically, nothing....

How about holding their pay until the program is up and running

Can’t believe we can’t get this done

When will we have an updated and reasonable ETA? “The end of first quarter, 2020” is not acceptable. At that point, I probably won’t even live here. Refund, please.

It takes these professionals a full business day to just simply change ownership to one business... Man talk about alot of down time..... lol.

what a mess this is dragging feet having to pay someone to do your job and still 2 yrs later nothing is really been done yet you all should be a shame of your self's for the way you been doing this .making some folks live in pain and more

Sounds like another wasted afternoon...only not in the good way...😉😉😉

What a joke. curious to see how long it will take Missouri to get running

Get 👏🏻It👏🏻Together👏🏻 This was voted on and approved over 2 years ago at this point. Ridiculous...

These people should be ashamed to show their face in public.

If I took 2+ years to do my job I would be fired

Do you mean to tell me that people are getting paid for that? Oklahoma got it up and running in like 4 months. Probably because they actually wanted to help people. All of this bureaucratic bs is ridiculous. Y'all seem more concerned with dividing up the money than you are with helping people. You should be ashamed...

Stall, blah blah blah, more stalling, blah blah, Delta LLC previous owner smart got out, blah blah blah, more stalling.

I got an idea... Call Oklahoma or somebody.


Wonder if they will all show up this time? Even they think their job is annoying. Because they are choosing to be ‘uneducated’ about it. Throwing phrases around like -It’s dangerous and people can die from using it. Meaning they are refusing to do their homework on it.

Ridiculous. I've asked many times how much these people are getting paid. Still no answer. Getting paid to sit around and talk for yrs.

Yeah, let's look busy like we're trying to make progress- but really let's just jerk this around as long as we can without getting anything done. Pitiful...

Time for all of us to start calling the front office 15x a day and ask where’s our medicine until we get it. It will take everyone on here to start bugging them like they are bugging us. Call them !! Call them !! Call them !! Call them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing, look at all the jobs they're putting a stranglehold on with all of this stalling... Heck of a lot of tax revenue too. Damm-

We need our medicine! Quit jacking around with people's life's!

They’re just going to announce another deley. I do not see us getting medical cannibis until it’s legal federally. Our weak legislature is a joke.

It says predictions say we won’t see medicine until end of first quarter 2020

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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (MMC) will be holding a meeting on Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 3:30pm.
Location: Alcohol Beverage Control Division - Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
1515 West 7th Street, 5th floor Conference Room
Little Rock, Arkansas

The meeting will be livestreamed on the MMC's facebook page (search Arkansas MMC)

Any further questions or for more information please contact: Scott Hardin, Communications Director Arkansas DFA 501-682-5339 or email him:
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That committee waste more time and money and get no results for patients done nothing for patients in two years

What is this meeting about? Do you plan on anything really getting accomplished? It seems like alot of meetings to keep it on hold as long a possible. It's sad that this state can't provide for its patients.

I quit wateing buying off the street it over two years and nothing done time to start filling law suits against the board

Who cares. It's always something. False hope nobody cares anymore!

I talked with someone 2day who knows people n the state offices and city offices. (Not verbatim) They claim all the complaints abt the delays and paperwork to get things going is just stacking up on desks and business that needs to be done2get things going is being delayed on purpose. How can we find out what is REALLY going on? Was this delay instigated by the federal govt.or what exactly is going on?

Sounds like they are going to waste more time and money! Yay Arkansas!

Well, I heard a rumor that we (Arkansas patients) will be able to purchase in Oklahoma. 😉😉

I will never understand what the Alcohol Control Board has anything to do with Medical Marijuana... unbelieveable.

Well you can thank the Governor and the right leaning House/Senate!! Oklahoma has done more in 6 months than Ark. In almost 3 years? U do the Math?

Probably just a luncheon. Catch up with old friends.

No one is going to hold the commissioner and politicians accountable for blatantly disregarding what citizens voted for years ago? Or for deliberately sabotaging the process they chose to use? We could have used other state's successful implementation of medical marijuana but no anything to go against what the people voted for!

I think that as many people as possible with fibromyalgia, other types of chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety disorder and any other medical reason wants to use medical marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals should go to the meeting. Also find hopefully more than one attorney to represent them in a lawsuit against everyone in office in Arkansas that is holding up to what the people voted for and hold them accountable to the people they are supposed to be representing.

In glad there's no cannabis purchased by mail, Fed Ex or UPS, that would be against federal law.

Well let's see what they come up with now?

I'll bet we have casinos before we get medicine

Voters BLINDLY marked R straight down the ticket. Arkansas deserves what they get! Sadly, those of us that used our brain and actually RESEARCHED candidates have to suffer with them.

Why is Arkansas MMC not posting something about this meeting?

“After the first quarter of 2020.” That’s absolutely not acceptable. If a new tax had been passed it would have been in effect the next day.

I need help now 😡😡

Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association Instead of all the useless ark la tx seminars why not allocate those funds towards a injunction against the state for what they are doing?

Meeting agenda?

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Why wait on a card plenty for sale on the streets

When will that be????? Oklahoma is already up and running!! I feel like I wasted $ going to the medical cannibas seminar in fort smith.

What is the state doing with all our money we sent to them?

Paying for them lake homes and new cars. FTMF

Patient count is meaningless as long as the crooked politicians are in charge


The numbers haven’t been just jumping out there. Anyone else notice smaller counts

Why are we the only state doing it this way

It should say "Number of sick being denied medicine"

Law suit against the state is the only solution.. we need to come together. That’s why it’s going like it’s going in Oklahoma da citizens come out and band together. This whole bill is bogus and implies a complete monopoly and eliminating free enterprise. Denys patient the ethical right to grow their own! I had to leave Arkansas and miss it everyday it’s my home state

So where’s open in Oklahoma to buy?

Smaller counts because everyone knows its crooked to the core...good ole boys...smh

waiting patiently

It's happening... Y'all are crazy if you wanna wait till it's already open... That's going to be a wait.

Arkansas has done All People who voted WRONG but... when they do get up running someday you bet they will fatten pockets with the money ‼️ All ABOUT MONEY 💰 CROOKS

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