7 Replies to “State Confirms They Have Received Second Dispensary Application”

  1. I’m rooting for you, but there won’t be much time for potential corrections. We’re going to see a couple more returns in the next week if my sources are accurate. I wonder if the State will extend the deadline to reel in more applications. The State of Arkansas has, in my opinion, done a pretty good job so far in terms of flexibility, and a genuine desire to get this program up and running.

  2. LOTS of hoops to jump through and detailed information to provide… which is to be expected. Financial worthiness, pharmacist & security contracts, business/operating plans, background checks, etc. I have heard several groups are having challenges providing all that is required. Is there one area or article on the application that has been the biggest struggle?

    Out of curiosity – which zones have had submissions? It was my understanding that once received, app info was public. If so, where?

  3. Mrs. Weinzimer is a mother of three, graduate of Lake Hamilton HS and UofA Fayetteville. She will probably be one of the few 100% Arkansan applicants and probably the only 100% female sole proprietor applications.

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